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The Y Club is home to the Manchester YMCA Wildcats wrestling club. Formed in 1912 the club has had a long tradition of Olympic wrestling with several members having represented their country at Commonwealth, Olympic and British championship level along with professional MMA fighters. Most recently Y Club wrestler Sophie Edwards represented team England at the 2014 Commonwealth games after receiving one to one training from former Olympian and Y club member and coach Fitz Walker.

Two men or women compete against each other on a nine metre diameter circle. The aim is to beat your opponent by either pinning their shoulders to the floor or by scoring points by throwing and taking them down to the ground. This is done over two three minute rounds with a 30 second interval in between.

The Y Club has fully qualified and experienced coaches who are able to put you through your paces improving your fitness, strength, stamina, speed, flexibility and skills. Whether you are a wrestler at competition level, intermediate or beginner, an MMA fighter looking to work on wrestling techniques or a complete novice our classes are suitable for all!

Wrestling takes place Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

For more information on any aspect of our wrestling club please visit the wildcats website