New members of the Y Club are required to complete a brief health assessment. The health assessment will enable you to discuss any current or past injuries or health conditions. We also offer fitness consultations to new members included in the membership cost. Consultations are not compulsory but we recommend that you meet with one of our fitness team who will design a gym programme tailored to your individual needs and by using our smart goal system you will meet your desired goal. This will make your time here more beneficial and help you feel at ease when you are using our facilities.

Health assessments and programme reviews are also available to current members. We feel this helps to monitor progress and to ensure members are fully motivated. Health assessments at the Y Club include the following:

Blood Pressure

Heart Rate

Height and Weight

Body Fat Percentage

Lung efficiency

If you would like to make an appointment or receive further information about the health assessments and smart goal programmes offered at the club please call 0161 837 3535.