If it is your strength that you are looking to improve the Y Club can help with various classes which help to increase muscle tone as well as improve muscle and core strength.

Some of our strength classes include:

Bootcamps: Our boot camp classes use a combination of obstacle courses, drills, individual, partner and group activities to improve fitness. Tyres, Ropes and other miscellaneous objects may be used within these classes to create a unique and intense workout.

Rope Circuit:  This is based on an American GI  assault course circuit which includes a unique feature of using vertical gymnastic ropes. This class will help you gain strength, stamina and all round fitness using various stations of equipment and work-outs for achieving individual fitness levels. The class begins with a 15 minute cardio warm-up followed by 3 x 8 minute circuits consisting of various stations. The aim of this class is to build strength and fitness endurance completing 3 circuits in 24 minutes, building up to a maximum of 15 repetitions on each station including 1 x rope climb per circuit.

Core Circuit: The complete core circuit is based on overall body conditioning. This class focuses on core and strength work, it is a high intensity class that can however be taken at your own pace. The core circuit offers complete body toning especially of the mid rift helping with fat loss, general fitness and strength building.

Hit the Core: This 30 minutes class uses sand bags for over-all workout hitting your core with every single exercise. This class is high intensity class combining strength and cardio. Suitable for intermediate to advance fitness level.

Kettlebells: The M3 Fitness Kettlebell class is a great way to get an effective whole body functional workout in a relatively short period of time. Feel the amazing effect from a combination of both cardio and strength training and benefit from serious cardio workout without the boredom of cardio machines. Develop core strength, increase mental focus and strengthen every muscle from head-to-toe to develop a leaner more toned figure.