The functional training rig is one of the latest additions to the Y Club. Located in the sports hall you will find our first ever rig alongside various equipment. You will notice we have a plyo box, heavy tyres, battle ropes, core bags, gymnastic hoops and many more pieces of equipment. This may seem a bit alien to someone who has never used such equipment, however for all fitness levels functional training is the best foundation because it’s primarily based on movements you use in everyday life. Making sure that you can live pain/injury free, when training you should always consider the way your body naturally moves and try to involve as many muscles as possible during an exercise. There is no real need to isolate a muscle (unless you’re a bodybuilder with not much care for movement).

Basic patterns that will give you a good foundation are pushing, pulling, squatting, carrying, rotating, hinging, running and walking.

All this training helps replicate what you would do in your job/lifestyle/sporting activities, and makes sure you can carry them out safely and efficiently.

Remember life is unpredictable and unstable at times so why would you train using equipment that is based around stability and predictable routines?!!

In reality and in this day and age where everything is so fast paced and on the go the functional style of training is becoming massively popular in all gyms.

What can you gain from functional training?

Posture; Functional training can help to correct bad posture and muscular imbalances caused by the daily grind, stressful jobs and hectic lifestyles.

Fat Burning; Functional training provides fantastic fat burning workouts, by using full body exercises that improve strength, endurance and boost metabolism, not wasting a minute of your session.

Muscle Tone/Density; It develops strong, lean bodies, look at gymnasts at the Olympics, they are constantly training movement patterns and lifting their own body weight, not doing bicep curls or pounding away on the treadmill for hours!

Stability; Every session includes flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength training principles to keep your body constantly challenged in all areas of a strong, healthy and vibrant body.

Sports Specific; Functional training provides essential training for sport specific conditioning. Enhancing the relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal system, providing quick, reactive, and powerful movement patterns – whether your chosen sport is golf, rugby or MMA.

Core Strength; in functional training every exercise involves core activation, teaching the core to stabilize the spine against external force, throughout an array of differing movement patterns and body positions. Therefore mimicking the demand placed upon the core and spine in our everyday tasks and recreational activities. Crunches alone, unfortunately just don’t cut it!



Functional Training at the Y Club 

The days of coming to the gym just to do an hour on the treadmill, cross trainer or bike are coming to an end. More and more people are looking to get more creative with their training and wanting to make there workouts more satisfying and enjoyable. For people who are set in their ways with their training and frustrated at not seeing any results, there’s fun in functional! Get off the treadmill and on the rig!

All of the instructors here at the Y Club have expert knowledge in strength, conditioning and functional training. If you would like us to help get you started and show you how to perform exercises safely and correctly feel free to book in at reception or come and speak to us directly for advice and guidance.

Thanks for reading.

Reece Samuels – fitness instructor @theyclub