28 Day Stop Smoking Campaign & How Exercise Can Help

So it’s that time of year again, across the country smokers will be attempting to stub out their habit for Stoptober with all forms of E-cigarettes, chewing gum, patches, medication, hypnotherapy and the old fashioned cold turkey being trialled by millions. Here at the Y Club, we can provide you with two guarantees:

1 – You will have a better chance of success if you combine these methods with exercise.

2 – We have every form of fitness and activities to keep you on track.

Smoking is an addiction, our bodies come to need regular hits of nicotine to go about their daily lives. Taking those regular hits away result in two weeks of intense withdrawal symptoms, followed by around six months of intermittent cravings.

If any of you have tried to quit before, these may sound familiar:

►Sore throat, coughing and cold symptoms ►Fatigue ►Dizziness  ►Increase in appetite ►Headaches ►Anger & Mood swings ►Insomnia ►Loss of concentration

Exercise can have a positive effect on all of these symptoms and keep you on track. Studies have reported significant enhancements in mood and reductions in anxiety both during and after exercise. Working out has a rapid and more  consistent effect on your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and in some cases, this has been comparable with if not exceeding the responses to other forms such as nicotine replacement therapy . 

The stress of trying to quit can elevate the feelings of withdrawal and cravings resulting in what mostly happens after the 28 days…relapse. Yet physical exercise can reduce the bodies responses to stress by releasing hormones and endorphins. Additionally, exercise has been shown to suppress appetite and as most smokers who have tried to quit will know, the urge to replace a cigerate with food is just as strong.  Approximately 60% of smokers trying to quit will experience cognitive decline resulting in a greater number of work place accidents on National non-smoking day than any other day in the year! Physical exercise enhances concentration along with other factors such as coordination and motor control whilst also acting as a distraction from that urge to reach for the packet.

Here at the Y Club, we have a variety of classes and equipment to keep you fighting those cravings!  Let us keep you on track throughout Stoptober… and we will still be here after the month is over to encourage exercise, stop smoking and promote a healthier lifestyle!!

If you would like to book in with one of our instructors please call 016 837 3535 or speak to a member of the team on your next visit.