Freestyle Martial Arts!


What is Freestyle Martial Arts? Many people will have a different view on what this type of martial art is and people will think that it’s just another type of self defence class and won’t really understand its true meaning! (Unless you come to the class and see for yourself!)

Well let me try to explain. FSMA will be different to everybody and by that I mean what works for one might not necessarily work for another. It takes into account everyone’s body shape, size, strength, power, etc.…. This will play a massive part in one’s understanding although the concept is still the same. Unlike most styles this is not for the ring or competition fighting. This is purely for self defence purposes!

With practice you will improve massively but you won’t notice straight away. This however can only be done through regular repetition of technique, working on balance and agility and improving flexibility through stretching and muscular and cardiovascular fitness through resistance training and some form of cardio exercise.

FSMA unlike any other style that’s out there doesn’t stay with tradition. It’s always changing, it’s always improving, this style adapts to whatever situation it’s up against. It adapts to other styles it may face and this has been tried and tested over the years and the outcome is still the same.  This style is very impressive. It’s not like your traditional training you’ve got to think outside the box! I’m not saying this is the best style of fighting but it’s very, very good.

What makes this style different from other styles? Apart from all the above it goes deeper than just learning to kick and punch. It has a very impressive arsenal of weaponry if you want to call it that and god forbid if the time came and you are left with no other option to use it and I mean you’ve done everything you possibly can to avoid the conflict or your protecting your family then so be it!

This style is not just about learning to fight. If anything you are learning not to fight. The true meaning of any given martial art is supposed to be peace and harmony and to be humble with oneself and others. Unfortunately over time this has changed and in fact seems to have gone the other way. People learn a martial art and then want to test it outside the ring and often have fights with untrained people. It’s obvious what the outcome is going to be!

What else can you get from FSMA?  Like I said before it goes deeper than learning to fight. Over time you become more aware of your surroundings, you become calmer within yourself and others. Trivial things don’t seem to matter like they used to, as the saying goes –  Some People Feel the Rain. Others Just Get Wet!!

I think for me this style has really opened my mind to a lot of things. It`s like I’ve had the blinkers taken off and I can see more clearly and further than before. I also think this has helped me with my personal life not just as a husband but as a father and having the confidence to try new things, never putting limits on myself or others.

There’s only one person who stops us from achieving anything and that’s ourselves! We should all at some point look in the mirror and tell ourselves, you can do whatever you put your mind too! Some people will probably laugh some people may change their lives. Now this is not just down to the style itself but it’s got a lot to do with the way it’s been taught and that’s down to an amazing teacher and somewhat of a philosopher, someone I class as a dear friend, SiFu Stephen Morris.

Final note – if you want to come and try the class and make your own mind up on everything I’ve talked about then please feel free to attend. Class runs every Sunday 13:00 till 15:00 and is open to any ability levels.