OCR what is it and can I DO IT?

Nick, our newest edition to the fitness team talks about his passion for OCR:

OCR stands for obstacle course racing this kind of event/training came from a military background to prove strength and endurance and is still widely used in the armed forces worldwide. These kind of events started popping up in the early nineties. With events such as TOUGH GUY, HELLRUNNER and URBANATHLON some of these races are still going today and are some of the best around.

OCR became really popular about 5 years ago with American companies such as SPARTAN and TOUGH MUDDER getting on board.

There is a very specific training regime for these kinds of events which involve exercises such as:

Plyometrics (box jumps,burpees)

Hill sprints

Long distance runs

Bear crawls/commando crawls

Speed (ladders and hurdles)

There is also cold water conditioning which believe me is not enjoyable.  Scramble nets, mud crawls, wall climbs and river runs, these are just some of the obstacles you will come up against. So be prepared to get wet, cold, muddy.


The only equipment I would advise getting, but not essential, is a pair of cross-country or fell running trainers with good grip and a pair of gloves with good grip as well. If you don’t fancy spending anything book yourself a place with whatever trainers you have. Get muddy, get wet but most of all enjoy!

If you would like to have a chat about OCR training just speak to me next time you are in the club.